Darling Downs Bobcat and Tipper Hire

Providing Quality Trenching, Excavation and other Earthworks Projects.

Established in 2013, owner and operator James prides himself on commitment and reliability within each project.  James has had 15 years’ worth of experience in the diesel mechanic industry, which has provided him with the skills and determination to complete each project. We understand that each project is different, which is why we ensure to get to know you and your standards. 

Our services and equipment for hire are not limited. Whether you may be commercial, residential, construction or industrial, Darling Downs Bobcat and Tipper Hire can ensure your needs are met. Our equipment for wet hire includes an excavator, bobcat, trencher, auger, and a tipper truck. There are also combo packs available for easier delivery for your project. We also supply rock grab and rock breaker attachments to increase your project's productivity. The services we provide include trenching, excavation, concrete footings, plumbing drainage, supplying material, and earthworks.

Excavator Hire, Bobcat Hire, Tipper Truck Hire and More


Our services have been known by our past clients to be delivered with commitment and reliability. Whether you are working on a commercial, residential, construction, industrial project, Darling Downs Bobcat and Tipper Hire can help. Our Yanmar Excavator for hire is great for any project that involves excavation, specifically detailed excavation, and other earthworks projects. We also have a Case 420 series 3 wheeled skid steer loader. This wheeled skid steer can provide any earthworks projects ease when moving or clearing areas.

We also provide trenching services with our trencher 300 mm wide and 1200 mm deep. Our other attachment, Auger PD3, allows for your next drilling and plumbing project to be completed with no hassle and allow you to be guaranteed quality.  Lastly, we are able to supply material and deliver other earthwork projects with our tipper truck maintained and just what you need to complete the job on time.

Currently, our services range from trenching to excavation, concrete footings to plumbing drainage, and supplying material to earthworks. We only supply wet hire which you can feel, rest assured, that your operator is licensed and experienced.  We also have bucket attachments of various different sizes. Located in Toowoomba, we can deliver our services 100 km from our base, however email or call us to find out if we can help with your next project.


(07) 3186 8664

27 Drummond Street, Rangeville, QLD 4350

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Capitalised terms in this document are defined at the end of the document.

Provider means the company using this website to display their goods and services.

Individuals means individuals who use the Services.

1. Introduction

While providing the Services, Provider collects Personal Information about Individuals. This document describes how the Provider collects, stores, uses and discloses Personal Information.

2. Types of information collected

Provider may collect the following types of Personal Information about Individuals:

  • names;
  • addresses;
  • details of products or services that Provider has provided to Individuals;
  • records of, or notes on communications between Provider and Individuals;
  • whatever personal information is included in content Individuals posts on the Service or on the website of Provider;
  • email addresses;
  • telephone numbers;
  • recordings of telephone calls and the content therein;
  • caller number, recipient of call, call time and date, duration of call, whether the call was answered, and a recording of the call;
  • dates of birth;
  • computer device information by placing cookies; and
  • IP addresses.

3. How information is collected

Provider may collect Personal Information about Individuals using the following methods

  • customer surveys;
  • from Provider's website;
  • from Individuals' communications with Provider;
  • automated analysis of Individuals' use of Provider's services; and
  • recording and storing recordings of telephone calls with the consent of Individuals.

4. How information is held and secured

  • Provider may hold Personal Information about Individuals using the following methods:
  • third party data storage services, which are businesses that professionally manage information technology infrastructure;
  • third party application providers, where Provider uses an application for the purposes of our business and store data in association with that application on infrastructure provided by those third party application providers;
  • devices operated by employees of our business; and
  • printed paper and third party archival storage services.
  • Provider ensures that Personal Information is protected from unauthorised access by:
  • industry standard data security techniques;
  • credentials, keys, passwords, pins, encryption, session expiry, firewalls, SSL network encryption;
  • physical security surrounding hard copies of Personal Information; and
  • the use of reputable technology vendors.

5. Deletion of Personal Information

Provider deletes Personal Information when:

  • it is no longer needed; or
  • Individuals request its deletion and it is reasonable to comply.

6. What information is used for

  • Provider may collect, use, hold and disclose Personal Information in order to:
  • enable Individuals to use Provider's services;
  • perform analysis of the typical use of Provider's services;
  • communicate with Individuals;
  • send marketing and promotional messages to Individuals;
  • enable third parties to send marketing and promotional messages to Individuals;
  • run contests or other promotional activities;
  • consider employment applications;
  • comply with the law;
  • enforce agreements with third parties; and
  • process payments.

7. Disclosures of information

Provider may disclose Personal Information to:

  • Provider's employees;
  • professional advisors;
  • third party service providers;
  • software as a service operators;
  • payment systems operators;
  • business partners;
  • sponsors;
  • regulatory bodies; and
  • courts of law.

8. Disclosing information outside Australia

Provider may disclose personal information to organisations outside of Australia. By using the Services, Individuals consent to the disclosure of their Personal Information to overseas recipients.

Provider will make a good faith effort to ensure that overseas recipients deal with Personal Information in a way that is consistent with the principles of the Privacy Act, but Individuals will not have the same rights in relation to overseas recipients who handle their information as they would with Australian recipients.

9. Privacy contact

Questions or complaints from Individuals relating to Provider's dealings with Personal Information should be directed to Provider on company email address displayed in the Contact Us section.

When Individuals communicate a complaint to Provider, Provider will respond within 10 days, and seek to resolve the complaint entirely within 10 days if the nature of the complaint permits it.

Provider will make a reasonable effort to resolve the complaints or questions of Individuals, and where Provider is unable to do so, Provider will attempt to explain why it is unable to do so.

If Individuals consider a matter remains unresolved, Individuals may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) (http://oaic.gov.au).

10. Accessing information

Under privacy law, Individuals have the right to contact the Provider to modify or obtain information held about them by the Provider.

11. Unknowingly collected information

Provider acknowledges that from time to time, Provider may come into possession of Personal Information without being directly aware of it, for example, from other Individuals or organisations using Provider's service to store, process or publish data.

Provider will make a good faith effort to deal with such Personal Information in accordance with this privacy policy and the principles in the Privacy Act.

12. Disclosures during use of the services

During the use of the Services, Individuals may disclose Personal Information to Organisations. Provider will make a good faith effort to ensure that such disclosures are clear to Individuals, but how those Organisations handle Personal Information is beyond the control of Provider.

13. Changes to this policy

Provider reserves the right to make changes to this document in the future, either to comply with changes in Australian privacy law, or to reflect changing business practices. It is the responsibility of Individuals to regularly check this document for such changes.

14. Definitions

Organisation, Organisations

means an organisation using the Services.

Personal Information

means any information that is categorised as "personal information" under privacy law.

Privacy Act

means The Privacy Act 1988

Service, Services

means the web interface providing information on the plant and machinery services of Provider.

Privacy Policy
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